Sziegl Pince - Petra és Balázs

About us

It all began with a wine parcel received as a gift back in 2012. The area served as a vineyard for more than 80 years then and we managed to borrow our first barrel too. These were the lucky circumstances that lead to establishing the Sziegl Wine Cellar.

Our first wine was a Hungarian variety – Kadarka – while making the wine the most beautiful vineyard of our town, Hajós became the centre of our free time. We were only twenty something postgraduates at that time, but the old grapevines and the wonderful surroundings caught us immediately. It became obvious that we imagine our future in our home town.

Sziegl család

The start wasn’t easy, …

…but we believed more and more every year in the attributes of the Hajós-Bajai wine region, in the loess clay soil, the sand soil rich in lime and the traditional Hungarian wine types.

We adore this environment, and this feeling is accompanied by the wish to preserve and spread the existence of this wonderful and fertile land. This is the reason we decided to cultivate each and every grapevine with our own hands, organically. Seeing the result now, we can say that it is worth the effort.

What do you need to know about our wines?

Each drop of them originates from one of the three of our press-houses that can be found in the world’s biggest wine cellar village. We create our wines with a traditional world view – we don’t use any additives neither do we take anything out of them. Wines created the natural way tell you about their land of production and the personality of the winemaker. This is what we believe in.

Would you like to taste our wines? We designed one of our press-houses keeping high-standard hospitality in front of us. We would like to pay maximal and personal attention to our guests, we would like to spread gastroculture. Only local food pairing is offered to our guests, made from ingredients of the neighbourhood or from our own sources. Due to the limited number of bottles, our wines can be tasted and bought in the local gastronomy scene, but they are also an organic part of the restaurant culture in Hungary and abroad too.