It all started with a parcel received as a gift and a single barrel back in 2012. Petra and Balázs, the two oenologists-viticulturists – we are the Sziegl Wine Cellar. We are working solely with organic agriculture, we love experimenting thus we never produce the same wine twice.

Sziegl Pince - Petra és Balázs

Our wines

Kadarka, Kövidinka, Hárslevelű, Olaszrizling, Kékfrankos, Traminer, Riesling. The above is the summary of wine varieties that we deal with. We always seek the novelty in the ancient. All our wines are produced in a limited, small amount.

Our vineyard

Nine hectares, five different grape plantations in Hajós, all of them having their own charm. The wines of Monastery-hill, the Herreberg and Hársfás streets all have something from the uniqueness of their land. Additionally, to this comes the wine cellar-village of Hajós, a true gem in the wine culture of Hungary.

Sziegl Pince - Vendéglátás


The site of wine tastings can be our wine press house, but the terrace and the garden too. A unique rarity of these events is the cheese plate created by a local cheese-maker, alternatively a cheese dinner. We offer a joint wine/bonbon tasting where guests can try out chocolates specially made to accompany our wines.