From vine tasting to concerts

Not only do we serve unique wines to our guests, but we also ensure a pleasing environment for the tasting. Our classical and nicely renovated, heated press house welcomes guests all year round in an elegant atmosphere. During summertime, we are waiting our guests in our culture garden and wine terrace that overlooks the wine cellar village. Here, wine tasting is possible right next to the grapevines. A few times a year we organize concerts and cultural events here, while families with small children can enjoy our mini playground. During our tastings we also like to present ourselves because this creative process is the most important part of our lives and a personal relationship is one of its pillars. As an addition to this, we always prepare finger food from ingredients grown either by ourselves or local farmers – based on our philosophy, wine culture is also accompanied by food worth to be represented with our bottles. As a rarity, to train our taste buds, we also hold wine and bonbon tasting events where handmade bonbons specially created for our wines are served.

Usually we hold closed wine tasting events for groups of 5-15, where preregistration is needed. Luckily, the community life in Hajós is getting more and more lively.