Experimentation is our passion

Just as a person is made up of its past, a wine cellar is also made up from traditions, so we see its future in the old grape varieties of our neighbourhood. Our first wine was a traditional Hungarian type – Kadarka, besides this we put the greatest emphasis on the types Olaszrizling, Kékfrankos and another specially Hungarian type – Kövidinka. We seek the novelty in the old, due to this we try to produce a different and exciting, characteristic wine from each of these by using a different production method. This is a creative and complex process and it results in not having the same wine in two consecutive years, the vintage differs all the time.

Our passion is experimentation, so in case we have a chance for it, we also produce trial-wines in our cellar. Each year we select the grapes ourselves, due to the yield limitation the remaining, concentrated and beautiful grapes give the base of the rich wines. Besides the main varieties, the types Hárslevelű, Traminer and Riesling can also be found in our portfolio. Each of our wines is produced in a limited amount, additionally as a speciality, we number each of our bottles.







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